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The mandrel bender is now consistently running to our Rae specifications thanks to our tireless efforts. We have even fabricated a new bar and milled key ways in the dies to ensure optimal performance. We can proudly say that the machine is now dialed in and producing at its best.

We have officially begun test-fitting our first large batch of intermediate pipes on the machine, and will continue to do so for every single intermediate pipe, despite being built off our jig, to ensure there are no fitment issues in any of our batches. Expect shipping/tracking updates to start next week! The mandrel bender will now allow for intermediate pipes to be built, and welded much faster- and will allow me more time to move onto Titanium, and catback systems while the boys handle the stainless intermediate pipes/jpipes!

The mandrel bender serves a dual purpose of creating midpipes/jpipes and reducing production time for our stainless catback systems, as well as other systems. This essential piece of equipment guarantees efficient and timely manufacturing of our systems!

The upcoming shipments of catbacks are expected to begin at the end of the month-next month. This will prioritize fulfilling our severely back-ordered systems from last year, and then move on to our more recent orders. We currently have over 65 catbacks in the works. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support for Rae-Motorsports and acknowledge your admirable patience. We want to assure our titanium customers that we have not overlooked you. Every charge pipe, intake, and radiator hose orde are in the process of being completed.

The side exits are currently in production, with some already assembled and others in the process of being welded. My goal is to have them available to you, and out the door by the end of next month.The Pulley Covers are currently undergoing the process of powercoating and QC checks. They are expected to be shipped within the next few weeks, and any necessary replacement bolts will be provided to those who require them. Titanium variants need to be polished/anodized, however did pass laser QC!

Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)
Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)
Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)
Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)
Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)
Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)
Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)
Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)
Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)
Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)

Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)


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Get ready to turn heads with the Rae-Motorsports Project Hot Boi Side Exit (2015-2021 WRX)! Created in partnership with the incredible @project_koko_, this exhaust system will have your ride sounding and looking like a real hot boy (or girl).

Our side exit boasts a dual tear drop tip that's sure to turn heads and make your car stand out! This exhaust exhibits hand-crafted pie cuts, welds that are fully back purged and penetrated, and a lifetime craftsmanship warranty, showcasing exceptional quality and attention to detail.


  • This product features high-quality 304S stainless steel construction, ensuring durability and reliability for your vehicle. As a trusted industry expert, we use only the finest materials to provide superior results.
  • Fitment: 2015-2021 FA20 WRX
  • Includes necessary hardware components.
  • Expertly crafted and polished hand-cut pie cuts
  • This product features a Slip Fit Dual Tear Drop Tip for the ability to easily switch between different Rae-Motorsports tips.
  • Optional upgraded GESI GEN2 400 CELL Catalytic Converter is offered
  • Option to personalize exhaust tip color with custom powder coating available for additional cost.
  • Modification to your bumper is necessary, specifically by creating a cutout.
  • Requires removing of the windshield washer reservoir to fit properly.

This stainless steel side exit system is custom made and takes approximately 6-8 weeks to be created, welded, tested, fitted, and packaged for shipment in our other batches. The estimated time for the build process is subject to potential changes.

CUSTOM POWDER COAT OPTION: We are now offering custom powder-coated tips in the shop! We currently use Prismatic Powders, and they have over 6,500 options for you to choose from. If you are choosing to do a custom powder coat option, please include the name of the color you are choosing in the checkout comments box, along with the SKU number. If you do not include a custom color in the checkout box- your order will be on hold until you send an email with your choice.


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It changes the car completely. Feels more responsive and the exhaust note is a lot higher without the restrictions of a secondary Cat and a resonator and the install is ridiculously easy

Dominic Y
Grove City, OH

Morgan killed this color scheme for my charge pipe, I couldn't be happier! Fitment is perfect and it came with everything I needed. Quality is awesome and it looks insanely good. Can't wait to add more Rae titanium to the VB!

Kayla W
Palm Coast, FL

I’ve been running Rae’s titanium side exit for a few months and I must say I’m absolutely in love with this product. The craftsmanship was nothing less then art. The unique sound it emits will have you playing the beautiful sound of car peoples song over and over again. There is no recreating this product. If you’re looking for the best side exit available for the Va wrx the. You have found it!

Stanley H
Hillsboro, OR

I recently purchased the 2022 WRX FMIC Kit Full Kit from RAE Motorsports, and I must say that it has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and quality. This intercooler kit has truly transformed my driving experience and taken my Subaru WRX to new heights. Installation of the FMIC kit was straightforward, thanks to the detailed instructions provided by RAE Motorsports. The components were well-packaged and arrived in perfect condition. It's evident that RAE Motorsports prioritizes quality, as the materials used in the kit are top-notch. The intercooler itself is robust, with a sturdy construction that inspires confidence. Once installed, the performance gains were immediately noticeable. The WRX FMIC kit efficiently dissipates heat generated by the turbocharger, resulting in significantly reduced intake temperatures. This leads to a more consistent power delivery and prevents heat-soak issues, especially during prolonged spirited driving or track sessions. The kit has made a remarkable difference in the overall responsiveness and power output of my WRX. One of the standout features of this FMIC kit is its exceptional heat transfer capabilities. It effectively cools the charged air, enabling improved combustion and delivering noticeable gains in horsepower and torque. The intercooler's design ensures minimal pressure drop, allowing the turbocharger to operate optimally and maintain consistent boost levels. The result is a thrilling driving experience with enhanced acceleration and smoother power delivery throughout the RPM range. Furthermore, the RAE Motorsports WRX FMIC Kit has been engineered with precision to ensure compatibility and perfect fitment with the 2022 WRX. The kit integrates seamlessly with the existing plumbing and mounting points, eliminating the need for any modifications or additional parts. This hassle-free installation is a testament to the meticulous engineering and attention to detail put into the design. RAE Motorsports has also demonstrated exceptional customer support. Their team promptly addressed my pre-purchase inquiries and provided personalized assistance throughout the installation process. It's evident that they genuinely care about their customers and are committed to ensuring a positive experience. In conclusion, the 2022 WRX FMIC Kit Full Kit from RAE Motorsports is a phenomenal upgrade for any Subaru WRX owner seeking improved performance. The kit's high-quality construction, superior heat transfer capabilities, and seamless fitment make it a worthwhile investment. With RAE Motorsports' commitment to customer satisfaction and their exceptional product, I highly recommend this FMIC kit to all WRX enthusiasts looking to take their vehicle to the next level.

Jeff C
Baldwin Park, CA

Ordered the halographic rose gold charge pipe for 22 wrx, thought it would be darker in color but when I installed it, the color matched with everything under the hood. The quality is top notch and she seems like she cares about every customer that she speaks to. I’m glad I found this gifted welder in the Subaru enthusiast world. I will be buying more products from her soon. I would recommend Rae-motor sports to anyone that can afford to. You always get what you pay for and that charge pipe is a focal point when going to car shows. Thank you Morgan for an awesome product.

Russel W
Mokane, MO

My coolant absolutely loves flowing through the Ti Radiator hose! Definitely ties my engine bay together.


Great fitment, great looking welds, and sounds sooooo good. A must have!!!
Thank you RAE!!!

Kyle Knight

The Ti intake exceeded my expectations. Excellent power gains, customization, and quality. Superior materials over ets and exactly like you envision it. If you dream it Rae can make it.


Perfect fitment, color was amazing, customer service was on point.

Edward Roldan

Shop @sleeper_fawrx's rae build